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Programs of Study

ArkansasIDEAS offers two Programs of Study designed to assist teachers in obtaining a Arkansas Educator License or additional grade band endorsements added to an existing license. These programs consist of a 45-hour block of professional development courses. For more information click here.

Earth Science: Volcanoes (SIE18021)

Join volcanologist Dr. Dave Sherrod, geoscientist Dr. Chuck Blay, and Professor Michael Manga to rekindle the excitement and awe you felt about volcanoes as a child. In Earth Science: Volcanoes, these passionate scientists explore volcanic activity above and below the Earth's crust, explaining how volcanoes are formed, why different types behave differently, and how tectonic plates affect volcanic activity.


Earth Science: Plate Tectonics (SIE18020)

Geologists Dr. Andy Kurtz and Dr. Keith Klepeis reveal the inner workings of our planet that explain the movement of tectonic plates. They focus on the groundbreaking discoveries of the past and modern methods used to study the Earth's layers. Teachers Keedar Whittle and Joe Reilly are also featured as they explore seismic waves and flowing solids with their students.


Earth and Space Science: Soil Formation (SIE18019)

Join three soil scientists as they share their knowledge of the outermost layer of the earth. In this course, Dr. Andy Kurtz of Boston University, Dr. Oliver Chadwick of the University of California, and Dr. Elissa Levine of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center explore the formation and composition of soil.


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Child Maltreatment 2017 Banner

This course is now available on ArkansasIDEAS.

Act 1236 of 2011: Child Maltreatment (2017)

As licensed professionals and school officials, one of our most vital responsibilities is to ensure that any concerns regarding the abuse or neglect of children are handled appropriately. This course, featuring Sherry Williamson from the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence, delves into the legal requirements of the Child Maltreatment Act and the penalties and protections relevant to mandated reporters. Ms. Williamson explains that it is the legal responsibility for all school officials, which includes any adult working in an administrative or supervisory capacity, to report suspicions of abuse directly to the child abuse hotline. Indicators of abuse and neglect are also provided, as well as recommendations for managing disclosures of abuse from children.

This course, which was recorded on April 25, 2017 at the AETN studios in Conway, Arkansas, meets the requirements of Act 1236 of 2011 for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you have reason to suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, call 1-844-SAVE-A-CHILD.