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The Arkansas Department of Education has partnered with AETN to meet the professional development need of k-12 licensed educators by offering research-based, technology-delivered professional development course to improve academic, teaching knowledge, and skills of certified personnel. This partnership brings to the teachers of Arkansas, ArkansasIDEAS.

This is a historical event for AETN. We are proud to be offering web-based professional development for Arkansas teachers. With the Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools (ArkansasIDEAS) portal, AETN leads the nation in progressive training for teachers. I would like to thank our Arkansas Legislators and the Arkansas Department of Education for their support and partnership in this wonderful venture.

Allen Weatherly
Executive Director of AETN

We at AETN believe the ArkansasIDEAS on-line portal is a smart investment in our state's future. The portal is designed to assist all teachers of all grades with everything they do in the classroom. Whether you are a new teacher just starting out or a veteran of many years, you will find something new and invaluable here.Whether it's professional development training or educational resources, we're here to set you up for success.When our teachers are successful, our students will be successful. And they'll make Arkansas a success!

AETN's mission is to educate, enrich and inspire the people of this great state. We take that mission very seriously. We hope that the teachers of Arkansas will find this training inspirational, and use it to enrich one of the most precious gifts in life, that of a great education.

The mission of the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) is to offer lifelong learning opportunities to all Arkansans; to supply instructional programs to Arkansas' schools; to provide programming and services to improve and enhance the lives of Arkansas' citizens; and to illuminate the culture and heritage of Arkansas and the world. To accomplish this mission, AETN, through the creative use of telecommunications, will present a high-quality public television service designed to inform, educate, motivate, entertain, enlighten and inspire.

The Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE), is pleased to offer Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools (ArkansasIDEAS) to help meet the needs of Arkansas educators. By partnering with ADE, AETN has been able to develop a new, innovative online professional development portal. It's available to all certified Arkansas teachers at their convenience and free of charge.

ArkansasIDEAS will allow educators to access ADE-approved professional development courses in every core subject anytime and anywhere internet access is available. It will also provide access to AETN produced programs, videostreaming, and a wide variety of teacher resources. All of this, on a single website!

AETN has always strived to provide the best educational resources for the state. We want Arkansas teachers and students to succeed in their future education endeavors. We feel that IDEAS will assist in meeting their goals. We hope that, as an Arkansas educator, you will utilize this innovative tool and come to rely on it as a helpful, dependable and convenient resource.

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