Non-Licensed Audience Courses

Assignment of Professional Development for Non-licensed Personnel

The Arkansas Department of Education requires that ArkansasIDEAS accounts are assigned according to the individual’s designation in the Arkansas Educator Licensure System (AELS). There are two types of accounts, Non-Licensed and Certified Teacher. Approved Support and other designated personnel who are not listed in AELS may have a non-licensed ArkansasIDEAS account created for them if they meet specified requirements.

The Non-Licensed accounts have a limited number of courses available. Before assigning ArkansasIDEAS professional development courses to non-licensed personnel, please check the Non-Licensed Audience Course list. If the course is not listed, it is unavailable to non-licensed account holders. Individual courses cannot be added to non-licensed accounts, nor can non-licensed accounts be upgraded to certified teacher or given access to the Certified Teacher Audience Courses.

Non-licensed Audience Course List

Most recent courses listed first.
CID Course Title Credit Hours
CSC20017 Teaching Cyber Security with the Arkansas Range | Module 5 - Windows Hosts 1
CSC20016 Teaching Cyber Security with the Arkansas Range | Module 4 - Logging and Monitoring 1
ELB19047 The Science of Reading Part Eleven: Syntax Matters 1
CSC20015 Teaching Cyber Security with the Arkansas Range | Module 3 - Traffic Shaping and Manipulation 1
ERG20024 Busing on the Lookout - Truckers Against Trafficking 1
ELB19046 The Science of Reading Part Ten: Morphology 1
CSC20014 Teaching Cyber Security with the Arkansas Range | Module 2 - Knowing Normal: Recognizing Traffic Patterns 1
TCB20001 Data Security Awareness: Security Mentor Modules 7–12 1.5
IAG20012 Grey Matters: Teaching the Way the Brain Learns 1.5
ERC20010 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) 0.5
CSC20013 Teaching Cyber Security with the Arkansas Range | Module 1 - Intro to Range and Hacker Methodology 0.5
ELB19045 The Science of Reading Part Nine: Building Comprehension and Writing Through Vocabulary 1
HWB19041 Suicide Prevention - Looking Deeper 2
ELB19044 The Science of Reading Part Eight: Permanent Word Storage 1.5
ERB19049 Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017 - Inside Arkansas Schools 0.5
ELB19043 The Science of Reading Part Seven: Critical Foundational Skills - Encoding 1
ERC19048 Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) - The Code of Ethics Training Video (2018) 1
ELB19042 The Science of Reading Part Six: Critical Foundational Skills - Decoding 1
HWB19050 Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count 1
TCB19055 Data Security Awareness: Security Mentor Modules 1–6 1.5
ELB18060 The Science of Reading Part Five: Phonology 1
ELB18059 The Science of Reading Part Four: Essential Elements 1
AHA18005 Dream Land: Little Rock's West 9th Street 1.5
ELB18058 The Science of Reading Part Three: The Reading Brain 1.5
ELB18057 The Science of Reading Part Two: An Overview 1
HWB18055 Bullying Full Circle - Beyond the Victim 1
CTM18003 Food Safety: Foodborne Illness and Pest Control 3
CTM18002 Food Safety: The Flow of Food and Active Managerial Control Systems 3.5
CTM18001 Food Safety: Hygiene, Cleaning, and Sanitizing 2
ELB18057 The Science of Reading: An Overview 1
TCC18067 Computer Science Initiative - Overview 3.5
ERB18063 Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017 - Arkansas Cases 1
ELB18056 The Science of Reading: The Right to Read Act 1
PIB18054 Family & Community Engagement: Inviting Caregivers & Community Partners Into School 2
TCC18065 Micro:Bit in the Library 2.5
ERC18064 Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB) - The Code of Ethics Training Video (2017) 0.5
ERB18062 Human Trafficking: Arkansas Act 765 of 2017 - U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign 1
ERA16066 Bullying: Separating Fact from Fiction 1.5
SPC17013 Introduction to Behavior: Behavior Intervention Plans 1
SPC17012 Introduction to Behavior: General Classroom Management Systems 1
SPC17011 Introduction to Behavior: Supporting Effective Behavior 1
SPC17010 Foundations in Special Education: Roles and Responsibilities 1
SPC17009 Foundations in Special Education: Legal and Ethical Issues 1
SPC17008 Foundations in Special Education: Major Components of IDEA 1
HWB17118 Act 1236 of 2011: Child Maltreatment (2017) 2
AHA15070 Agri Arkansas - Introduction 0.5
AHA15072 Agri Arkansas - Agri Economics 0.5
AHA15075 Agri Arkansas - The Honeybee 0.5
AHA15074 Agri Arkansas - Dairy 0.5
AHA15073 Agri Arkansas - Rice 0.5
AHA15071 Agri Arkansas - Poultry 0.5
AHA16031 Sanatorium Hill 0.5
AHA16010 War in the '60s - A Civil War Documentary 1
HWB16027 Bell Ringer: A Concussion Awareness Course for Arkansas Coaches 1.5
PIC14447 The Six Components of Parental Involvement for Teachers 2.5
HWB15058 Gatekeepers: Youth Suicide Prevention Awareness (Update 2015) 3
HWB15054 Something to Talk About: Suicide Awareness 2.5
IAC15036 RTI Arkansas: Overview 1
SPB14005 Working with Children with Low Incidence Disabilities (2009) 6.5
HWB14022 108 Degrees: Critical Response 1.5
SPG14007 Autism: An Overview 1.5
HWB20061 Communicable Diseases: A Course for Arkansas Coaches 1
HWG14003 Dyslexia: A Three-Part Professional Awareness 1
IAA14075 Understanding Alternative Education in Arkansas 1
HWB14017 Informed Choices = Injury Prevention - Improving Playground Safety 1
HWB14020 Hidden Wounds: What You Don't Know About Cutting 2
PIC14446 My Child, My Student: Parents and Teachers Communicating - Reducing Chronic Absenteeism 0.5
TCC14435 Professional Licensure Standards Board (PLSB): Social Media Guidelines 3
HWG14445 Talking to Young People About Grief and Loss 2
PIA14007 Guiding Children Successfully, Episode 2: Helping Children Use Their Gifts 1
PIA14006 Guiding Children Successfully, Episode 1: Effective Motivation for Children 1
HWB14019 Heat Illness: Hydration Awareness - School & Parental Involvement 1
HWB14018 Heat Illness: Hydration Awareness - Athletics/Best Practices: Parental Involvement 1
PIA14008 Guiding Children Successfully, Episode 3: Parents and Teachers Working Together - Parental Involvement 1
PIB14004 Parental Involvement: Middle School Roundtable 1
PIB14001 Parental Involvement: Introduction 0.5
PIB14005 Parental Involvement: High School Roundtable 1
PIB14003 Parental Involvement: Elementary Roundtable 1
PIB14010 Parental Involvement: Applications - Middle School/High School 0.5
PIB14009 Parental Involvement: Applications - Elementary 1
PIB14002 Parental Involvement: Administrators' Roundtable 1.5