Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Am I allowed to use this material in the classroom?


Other than the online professional development course, these classroom resource materials are available at no charge and may be used in the classroom.  Resources include:

  • Video clips
  • PowerPoint presentations by grade level
  • Scholar interviews
  • Maps
  • Lesson plans


These materials are available for each region.  In addition, a statewide classroom poster of the regions is available.


Am I allowed to take the professional development course?


The online professional development course is available to certified Arkansas teachers.  If you are a registered user of the Arkansas IDEAS professional development courses, you can take the course through the regular enrollment process at the IDEAS LEARN NOW site.  


If you are a new user, contact your school’s appropriate staff member to receive your user name and password for first-time entry.  The Arkansas IDEAS help desk will be glad to assist you if you have any problems.   You may reach the help desk by calling (501) 852-2806 or 1-800-488-6689.  You may also visit the IDEAS registration information at


Be sure to check with your school or district administrator to determine if this course will be accepted and credited to you by your school or district.


Is there a charge for this course?


There is no charge for eligible Arkansas educators.  


Are students allowed to use these materials?


You and your students to explore the geographic regions of Arkansas may use these resource materials.  The sites and their links are resource-rich and may lead you to a vast array of information.  If you will be using the materials for classroom presentations, papers or other presentation, proper credit should be given.


As a certified Arkansas teacher, how much credit would I receive for taking the online course?


The online course consists of six individual courses – one for each of the regions.  Each of these individual courses has ADE (Arkansas Department of Education) approval for 2 credit hours of professional development in Arkansas History.  If you take all the courses, the total is 12 hours of professional development credit. 


As with all professional development courses, allowing in-service credit is at the discretion of the superintendent, principal or other official designated by your district/school.  Although courses have been approved by ADE as appropriate for professional development, you will still need to confirm the credit status of the course at a local level.


What are the course standards?


The course standards are explained in Arkansas Rules Governing Professional Development based on NSDC (National Staff Development Council) standards.  These standards are designed to help educators identify and provide quality results-driven professional development.  In addition, this course is aligned with the Social Studies K-8 standards and Arkansas History 7-8 and 9-12 standards of the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks.


These standards are explained in greater detail in the Arkansas Tool Kit for Quality Professional Development.


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