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The Arkansas Delta - part of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain - encompasses some ten million acres of land and stretches from Eudora in the south to Blytheville in the north and as far west as Little Rock. Although the name “Delta” is often indiscriminately applied to most of eastern Arkansas, the area is composed of five distinct regions.  The St. Francis Basin, Crowley’s Ridge, the White River Lowlands, the Grand Prairie, and the Arkansas River Lowlands. The Arkansas Delta, blessed with rich and fertile soil, is one the most productive agricultural regions in the world.  Its fields are filled with lush crops of cotton and rice, soybeans and corn. The Delta’s history- like its geology- was shaped by the great rivers that flowed and flooded through the land- the Mississippi, the Arkansas, the White, the St. Francis and others. Learn how many residents and former residents of the Delta are making an effort to revive and preserve its rich cultural tradition, and make it a place where people can raise families and prosper. LEARN NOW


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