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The definition of a Coastal Plain is any flat, low-lying area geographical region near the sea.  What if I asked you to take a trip with me to a coastal region ... what part of the country do you think wed be going to?  Either the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast or the Pacific Ocean on the west coast, right?  What if I then added, lets go to the coastal region in L. A.?  Then of course you would think we were going to the west coast and the Los Angeles area.  No.  What if I added, a southern coastal region in L. A?  Then of course I must mean LA, the state postal code for Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico?  No, what I mean is the coastal region in Lower Arkansas, or L .A., as it is called by its inhabitants.  And how does Lower Arkansas come by the name the Gulf Coastal Plain region?  Its not a geographical region near a sea.  But it was millions of years ago.  These are just the many mysteries you will learn about the Gulf Coastal Plain region. From ocean to boomtown ... it is rich in minerals and history, and as with its past the future is sure to be very interesting. And now that Ive whet your thirst for more knowledge of this fascinating coastal plain lets dive into region in more detail. LEARN NOW


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