Program of Study Instructions

The courses found in the ArkansasIDEAS Programs of Study were chosen by the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) to be a comparable alternative to a required set of three (3) traditional college credit hours needed for an Arkansas Educator License. These programs are designed to assist teachers earning first time licensure and/or adding content or grade levels to an existing license. Please contact ADE to verify if one of these programs of study meets your specific needs and which program(s) you should complete. You may contact the Office of Educator Licensure directly at 501-682-4342.

In order to earn the 45-hour professional development credit through ArkansasIDEAS, you must first create an ArkansasIDEAS account then enroll in the program of study that meets your needs. A complete list of courses will be available after you have enrolled in the program. Caution, some of these same courses exist outside of the program, those courses do not count for credit towards completing the program.

ArkansasIDEAS must verify that you have satisfactorily completed each component of all courses in the program before a certificate can be awarded. This verification includes 1) time spent viewing each video: simultaneous work is not allowed; 2) number of attempts at assessments; 3) passing score of 80% or above on all assessments; and 4) completion of course surveys. Please be advised that verification may take 7-10 business days once we receive notification that you have completed the coursework.

Any attempts to falsify records or submission of a completion statement without spending the appropriate amount of time in a course is considered fraud and a violation of the Code of Ethics for Arkansas Educators. Examples of simultaneous work include: use of simultaneous account log-ins; simultaneous use of multiple browsers or windows; or taking the assessments while viewing videos. These practices are not allowed and will void all work during that time period. If you are found in violation of the terms of this site or attempting to submit fraudulent work documentation, your privileges to use ArkansasIDEAS could be revoked and ADE may be notified of the violation.

For more information on Ethics for Arkansas Educators, please visit the ADE website.

Creating an ArkansasIDEAS Account

If you currently hold an Arkansas Teaching License or have submitted provisional licensure paperwork to ADE then you have been assigned an AELS number. You can check your AELS status at the AELS Public Site. ( If you show up in that database then you are eligible to create an ArkansasIDEAS account. Go to the ArkansasIDEAS ( then click on Log In, then click on Create New Account. If you do not have an AELS number, please contact the ADE Office of Educator Licensure at 501-682-4342 for assistance.

Enrolling in a Program of Study

  1. Log into your ArkansasIDEAS account ( click Log In, and enter your user name and password.
  2. On the left of the Home screen you will see a box titled Programs of Study. Follow the instructions in the box to enroll in the appropriate Program of Study. You will receive a confirmation email once you have been enrolled and have access to the Program of Study.
  3. To complete the course work, return to the home screen and hover your mouse over the Find Learning tab. Select Programs from the drop down menu and click on the Program of Study you wish to work on. You will now be in the program course list and can begin work. You must complete the Required Instructions reading before continuing on to other courses. Caution, some of these same courses exist outside of the program, those courses do not count for credit towards completing the program. Using the CID code and not just the course title will help ensure you are in the correct course. Always follow step 3 to find your courses to ensure you are working in the program of study.

Obtaining a Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed all of the course work in the Program of Study, please send an email with the following information to the same email address that you used to enroll. These items are needed to efficiently process your verification and certificate. To avoid delays please be sure it is accurate and current.

Full Name
Program Completed
ArkansasIDEAS Username
Phone Number
Mailing Address (Street Address, City, State and Zip Code)
Email Address

Please allow 7-10 business days for verification. Upon verification a certificate of completion will be mailed to you and an electronic copy will be available in your ArkansasIDEAS account under the "Record of Learning" then “Other Evidence” tabs.

Customer Support

For further assistance with the use of the ArkansasIDEAS learning management system, please contact the ArkansasIDEAS Help Desk by email or by phone 1-800-488-6689. Please specify that you need information about a Program of Study.

To complete the process for licensure you must follow the submission guidelines according to the instructions provided by ADE. If you have any questions regarding the process please contact the Office of Educator Licensure directly at 501-682-4342.