Disciplinary Literacy: Social Studies Online PD!

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of all facets of disciplinary literacy in the social studies classroom with a clear focus on how students may participate in the academic reading and writing that takes place among historians. Participants work through several model lessons as they examine related concepts such as text complexity, text structures, text features, and historical thinking skills. Participants also discuss the different lenses through which students may read source documents and they examine relevant disciplinary literacy Common Core standards, as well as frameworks from the National College, Career, and Civic Life Frameworks for Social Studies.

To complete a COURSE and obtain a certificate of completion for ADE-approved online PD COURSES, review and study the LESSONS, take and pass the assessment at mastery level of 80% or higher, and complete the SURVEY.

The awarding of professional development credit for an online RESOURCE is not available in the ArkansasIDEAS system. Schools using this material in a professional learning setting or as an in-service program may choose to provide local professional development credit.

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