Financial Literacy Unit One: Money, Budgeting, and Banking is now available for certified teachers on the LMS

A degree of financial literacy is necessary in order to become financially successful and maintain that success. In this course Jennifer Wray, a National Board Certified Family and Consumer Sciences teacher from Valley View High School, delves into the basics of financial literacy. Ms. Wray begins by describing the functions and roles of money, taxation, pay, and interest. She digs deeper into the basics of finance, examining things like attainable goals and how to make good budgeting and banking choices. Throughout the course Ms. Wray encourages participants to research all options before any financial decision.This course is the first in a series of five financial literacy courses. The series is a prerequisite to the 2017 Arkansas CTE face-to-face summer training, but is a great resource for anyone looking to become more knowledgeable about finances. Anyone seeking to become more financially literate or desiring a financial literacy certification is encouraged to participate in this series. This course was recorded on March 21, 2017 at AETN studios in Conway, Arkansas.