IDEAS - AAMLE: Implementing ELA Standards Even When You're Not an English Teacher/Instructional Strategies Online PD!

Implementing the English Language Arts Standards is now the responsibility of all teachers, in every content area. Dr. Sharon Faber explains how the ELA standards relate to all content areas and what students must know and do as teachers implement the four ELA strands across the curriculum. She explains what the ELA standards will require of teachers in all content areas and provides specific strategies that teachers can use to implement them in the classroom.

This COURSE with Dr. Sharon Faber was recorded on May 5, 2014 during the AAMLE Conference held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

To complete a COURSE and obtain a certificate of completion for ADE-approved online PD COURSES, review and study the LESSONS, take and pass the assessment at mastery level of 80% or higher, and complete the SURVEY.

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