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The Great Gatsby/English Language Arts Online PD!

The following course is a webinar from National Humanities Center, America in Class. The webinar was originally recorded on February 28, 2013.

Published in 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has transcended the era of its creation to become a classic. It describes the moral and spiritual toll exacted by that quintessentially American quest, the pursuit of happiness. This National Humanities Center, America in Class seminar will explore the novel’s themes and language and suggest ways to teach it through close reading.

Topics covered include: F. Scott Fitzgerald's lifestyle, the narrative of The Great Gatsby, the friends Fitzgerald kept, and the importance of the novel itself.  The goals of this webinar are listed below.

* To develop an understanding of the way FSF made use of the new techniques and styles of literary modernism (frame narrative, first-person point of view, manifest literary artifice, poetic symbolism, compression and excision) to create a compelling and evocative story.

* To consider the way FSF’s used such techniques to create a rich and complex treatment of political and cultural issues (about national identity, citizenship, and selfhood) that were highly controversial in his day and remain so in ours.

To complete a COURSE and obtain a certificate of completion for ADE-approved online PD COURSES, review and study the LESSONS, take and pass the assessment at mastery level of 80% or higher, and complete the SURVEY.

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