Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Making What Matters Happen! is now available for the certified teachers audience on the LMS.

A teacher's goal is to prepare all students to succeed in school and in life. Having effective Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) is vital to this goal. The terms RTI and MTSS are sometimes used interchangeably, but RTI refers specifically to the three-tiered system of intervention many teachers are familiar with, while MTSS is an umbrella under which many forms of leveled support fall. Dr. Judy Elliott, former Chief Academic Officer for the Los Angeles Unified School District, clarifies the common understanding and language of effective MTSS and RTI. She uses her experience to describe when MTSS are most useful, as well as the cultural shifts that often need to occur in order to use MTSS well.  

This presentation was taped at the 2015 AASCD summer conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas.