ArkansasIDEAS connects K-12 educators with quality ADE-approved professional development and educational opportunities. You will also find a wide range of training on multiple platforms, thousands of classroom resources, and state and national initiatives.


Programs of Study

ArkansasIDEAS offers two Programs of Study designed to assist teachers in obtaining a Arkansas Educator License or additional grade band endorsements added to an existing license. These programs consist of a 45-hour block of professional development courses. For more information click here.

Introduction to Behavior: Behavior Intervention Plans (SPC17013)

In this course Nick Croninger from American Institutes for Research discusses terminology related to behavior management and the basic steps in developing and implementing a behavior intervention plan (BIP). He uses example scenarios and activities to illustrate how to effectively define a problem behavior and the process of identifying the function of behaviors.


Introduction to Behavior: General Classroom Management Systems (SPC17012)

Managing behavior and practicing consistency with positive and negative consequences can be difficult for even seasoned teachers. This course includes a presentation by Nick Croninger from American Institutes for Research, exploring classroom factors that influence behavior and effective classroom management. Mr. Croninger uses a continuous example scenario throughout the course to illustrate different steps in the process of developing and implementing an effective classroom behavior management plan.


Introduction to Behavior: Supporting Effective Behavior (SPC17011)

Using a classroom management plan that includes reasonable expectations for student behavior is helpful in maintaining consistency and creating positive student-teacher relationships. In this course Nick Croninger, from American Institutes for Research, describes effective strategies for classroom management plans that help with building strong student-teacher relationships and with maintaining consistency among students, teachers, and environments.


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Child Maltreatment 2017 Banner

This course is now available on ArkansasIDEAS.

Act 1236 of 2011: Child Maltreatment (2017)

As licensed professionals and school officials, one of our most vital responsibilities is to ensure that any concerns regarding the abuse or neglect of children are handled appropriately. This course, featuring Sherry Williamson from the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence, delves into the legal requirements of the Child Maltreatment Act and the penalties and protections relevant to mandated reporters. Ms. Williamson explains that it is the legal responsibility for all school officials, which includes any adult working in an administrative or supervisory capacity, to report suspicions of abuse directly to the child abuse hotline. Indicators of abuse and neglect are also provided, as well as recommendations for managing disclosures of abuse from children.

This course, which was recorded on April 25, 2017 at the AETN studios in Conway, Arkansas, meets the requirements of Act 1236 of 2011 for the 2017-2018 school year.

If you have reason to suspect the abuse or neglect of a child, call 1-844-SAVE-A-CHILD.