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ArkansasIDEAS connects K-12 educators with quality, ADE-approved professional development and educational opportunities, as well as a wide range of trainings on multiple platforms, thousands of classroom resources, and state and national initiatives, such as Common Core, STEM and TESS.


How to Navigate ArkansasIDEAS new website
ArkansasIDEAS website has a new look. We've made a quick video on how to easily find all the resources available to you.

The new professional development requirements for the 2014-15 school year are explained in this helpful video.
ADE Professional Development Coordinator Kevin Beaumont releases a informative video to help clarify the Rule Governing Professional Development, effective July 1, 2014.

Developing Effective Intervention Plans: Balancing Procedural Expectations with Positive Practice/Special Education Online PD!
ArkansasIDEAS presents a new online SERIES for Special Education ADE licensed educators.

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ASCD: Your First Year of Teaching: Surviving and Thriving

ASCD: Your First Year of Teaching: Surviving and Thriving

Feeling a little anxious about your first year of teaching? Even with adequate preparation, much of what will be faced may not have been covered in your coursework. This course, Your First Year of Teaching: Surviving and Thriving, is designed to help new teachers not only survive, but thrive in the classroom!

Be prepared for the realities and challenges by learning the tips and strategies for solid communication, classroom management, lesson planning and starting the school year right.