RTI Arkansas: Data-Based Decision Making (IAC17035)

Even with Arkansas's Response to Intervention (RtI) Model, meeting lofty district goals as a school or implementing new plans in your own classroom can be intimidating. In this course Dr. Judy Elliott, education consultant, explains how to use the four-step problem solving process to make data-based decisions in RtI. She leads participants through a step-by-step study of this process, describing the elements of each step using real-world examples to illustrate the data-based decision making that occurs throughout the process.

This course, which was recorded on October 24, 2016 at AETN studios in Conway, Arkansas, is intended to assist school leaders and teachers in the implementation of data-driven problem solving, which is the backbone of RtI. It contains a variety of helpful resources, including a facilitation guide for those who would like to use the content within this course to facilitate whole-group professional development sessions in their schools or districts.